Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Following 12 months of research, frustration, collection of data, and the formation of an IT strategy, I can now let you know that we are on a fast-track leading to the development of an enhanced system for both internal and external communications. We are working with a respected web development firm to create, establish, and maintain a new web site that will have the capability to communicate both public and private information to those seeking an ecclesiastical endorsement from this office and those who are holding a current ecclesiastical endorsement.

Though the specific details for our new web site are still under development, I can tell you that the new site will have a page that is open to everyone including those who are seeking basic information regarding chaplaincy in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Defense. The process of application for my ecclesiastical endorsement to serve in these agencies as an Episcopal chaplain will be accessible on this page. There will also be a password-protected section of the new web site that will be accessible only to those who have a current ecclesiastical endorsement from me.

As soon as we have a release date for the new site my Executive Officer, the Rev. Dr. Wally Jensen, will make an announcement to that effect, and passwords will be issued to those who qualify as ecclesiastically endorsed Episcopal Chaplains. Though I regret that it is taking so long to establish an effective communications medium, I believe that you will be pleased with our new web site and the resources that will be made available to you.

+Jay Magness

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